5 Ways to Help Spread the Word about “Streetwalking”

Like the book?

Help us spread the word about “Streetwalking with Jesus”!  Remember: All author royalties go to support the mission of Emmaus Ministries, so each book that is bought directly impacts our ability to reach more men on the streets.

1)       Tell everyone you know about this book.  Talk with people in person and use social networking tools like Facebook, Digg, StumbleUpon, MySpace, and LibraryThing to promote it. This is the most important thing you can do to help spread the word!

2)       Join the Emmaus Ministries newsletter list, if you’re not already on it.  As book events come up in your area, we’ll let you know.  Be sure to check the books website at http://www.streetwalkingwithjesus.com for the latest events, blogs, and news.

3)       Suggest that your book club, Sunday school class, or other small group use “Streetwalking with Jesus” for their study.

4)       Invite John to your church, school, or small group to share about “Streetwalking with Jesus.”  (If schedules permit, John is often able to include his wife Carolyn, and her musical talents, at speaking engagements as well.) 

5)       Become a fan of the “Streetwalking with Jesus” on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/streetwalking

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