Cafe O’Play


As part of our “Moving Body & Soul” commitment to inspiring PHYSICAL fitness, we opened an indoor, play cafe in the Akron/Cleveland area in December of 2014.

A what?

An “indoor, play cafe”, or otherwise known as an IPAC.  Over the last few years our family has had a chance to visit several different IPAC’s around the country.  Places like The Chelsea Treehouse in Chelsea MI, Cool Beans Play Cafe in West Palm Beach FL, Lotte’s and Lollipops in Columbus OH, and Little Beans Cafe in Chicago IL have all inspired us to open our own IPAC here in Ohio.  The growing IPAC industry has sprung up around the country to meet the needs of parents, caregivers, and children who are looking for an entertainment experience less focused on electronic video-games, noisy bounce houses, and unhealthy food and more focused on active/engaging play, a relaxing place to build community, and making healthier food choices.  “Cafe O’Play” is just this type of place.

Here’s some key features built into Cafe O’Play:

  • Large indoor playground. Featuring creative and imaginative play areas for children 10 years old and younger, this playground includes a multilevel play structure designed by Orca Coast Playgrounds, a separate crawler / toddler play area, an indoor sports court, an innovative EyePlay interactive floor by Eye Click Inc., projected into a 17” hexagonal Gaga Ball court and lastly, a very popular dance party room.
  • Gourmet Cafe/Coffeehouse. With seating capacity for 75 customers, our cafe serves gourmet coffee and healthy snacks, lunch, and dinner items.  Over 75% of seated customers have clear line-of sight into the play area through a windowed knee-high wall.  A separate, secure entrance into the play area for children & care givers allows for safe and secure play.
  • Party space and services.  The two large, private party rooms can be combined into one larger space for corporate events.  Trained party staff offer in-café party hosting for: Youth birthday parties, Grandma/Grandpa Birthday parties, Tea Parties, and corporate events as well as off-site, catered birthday parties at parents’ homes are also offered.
  • Performance space for concerts and special events. Regular events for children, moms and dads include live animal shows, character visits, Moms Book Club, Dad’s Meal Deals, children’s concerts as well as adult/acoustic “house” concerts, meet the author events with children’s authors, and classes for kids such as arts and crafts, Preschool Playgroup, story time, and others.
  • Retail store. Within the cafe we feature a small retail area with a selection of unique children’s gifts and toys as well as Cafe O’Play branded merchandise.



  • Inspiring Physical, Spiritual, and Missional Fitness