Carolyn Green music

Carolyn’s career as a singer/songwriter began in high school when her American Baptist Pastor father would tell her the theme of an upcoming sermon and ask if she’d write a song by Sunday.  Writing initially for her father, she entered college and began writing songs that not only told of God’s grace but told the story of people trying to find meaning in the world. 

Since 1994 Carolyn has performed with bassist Mike Choby under the duo name “GreenChoby.”  Since 2011 when life has taken the two artists in different directions, “GreenChoby” has not performed together as often as they once did but do continue to collaborate on various projects.

Visit the GreenChoby website for more information on the music this acoustic duo has produced.

GreenChoby will be in concert on Friday May 23rd 2014 , 7:30pm, at Holy Family Church in Stow OH. 


Carolyn is also available for performing solo and as a retreat leader.  Contact her at or at (330) 920-1108

Lately, Carolyn has developed a new area of music that we call a “Gift of Song”.  Click here to learn more about this special, commissioned music.


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