Hearts Home USA, New York NY


We first became familiar with Hearts Home when a friend and former babysitter of our kids, Katie Kustusch became a hearts home missionary.  We sent Katie some support for her work, read her newsletters, and became more familiar with the mission of hearts home.  In 2011 our family visited the Brooklyn NY site for Hearts Home, met several of the young adult community members and enjoyed Mass in a the small chapel of the former rectory where they are based.  Hearts Home has a wonderful commitment to building community among the poor and marginalized and we felt very at home in this community.  Since it’s founding in 1990, Hearts Home has established 55 centers and 2 villages for orphans in 25 countries worldwide.  They’ve fielded 1300 volunteers of 38 nationalities, and trained 110 consecrated woman and ordained priests.  We encourage you to learn more about this mission and their work among the poor.


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