“Shrines of Holiness”

Given on World Mission Sunday in memory of Fr. Pat Shields who passed away this week. Fr. Pat was a retired Priest in residence at our parish for many years. His faithful service to the church and love for kids and families endeared him to many. The Pope referred to our retired priests and sisters, living in nursing homes around the world as “shrines of holiness.” Fr. Pat certainly lived up to this ideal.

“Shrines of Holiness”:

This Homily was given at Holy Family Catholic Church, 3450 Sycamore Dr., Stow Ohio, where I serve as a Permanent Deacon. If you are traveling through our area, or live nearby and don’t have a church home, please stop in and join us. Weekend Masses are at 5:00PM on Saturday, 7:30AM, 9:30AM, and 11:30AM every Sunday. We also have a 5:00PM Sunday Mass on the second Sunday of each month that is geared towards our teenage members but all are welcome. More information on our parish, our K-8 Blue Ribbon school, and our over 70 ministries and activities can be found at The Holy Family website.

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