Kaio Community of Emmaus Ministries

Emmaus Ministries is an urban mission that John Green founded in 1990.  It reaches out to men involved in prostitution and helps them off the streets.  In 2000, Emmaus started the Kaio Community, a year-long service opportunity to work along side the men Emmaus serves and live & pray in community.  Each year a group of men and women make the Kaio Community their home and make a huge difference in the lives of men involved in prostitution.

Kaio Community

The word “Kaio,” pronounced kah’-yo, is a Greek word that means “to set on fire, to consume.”

Kaio Community members come to Emmaus for a year of full-time volunteer service, prayer, and urban community living. They work as volunteer staff and live together in intentional community. They are involved in all aspects of Emmaus, focusing primarily on direct service with the men through Outreach and in the Ministry Center. The details are pretty basic: we provide room and board, medical insurance, public transportation, a $20 weekly stipend, and at least a few life-changing moments.

Kaio is open to those 21 and over who are interested in living simply as they experience a year of urban community. Applications are accepted year-round, but community members typically begin their year of service in August. Email volunteer@streets.org to learn more. Fill out a Kaio application here.

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