About Moving Body and Soul

JohnandCarolyn114x160Hi, we are John and Carolyn Green.  In 2012, we created Moving Body and Soul LLC as a company committed to inspiring physical, spiritual, and missional fitness among families, individuals, and organizations.  Under this new company, we are pulling together our twenty years spent developing a thriving urban ministry in Chicago, our various interests, gifts, and talents; and our desire to inspire families, individuals, and organizations.

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Here are some of our current projects:


FitWithCarolyn.com – Carolyn Green is an Independent Team Beachbody coach and is committed to helping you get into the best shape of your life.  She uses Fit Clubs here in Ohio as well as Facebook Challenge Groups to counsel and coach people around the world.  Visit her page to learn more.

Cafeoplay.com – An indoor play cafe in Stow Ohio, Cafe O’Play opened in December of 2014 and brings together a huge indoor play structure, party rooms, performance space, and a gourmet cafe.  Cafe O’Play is the premier indoor children’s attraction in Northeast Ohio that is as comfortable and relaxing for parents as it is exciting and active for kids.  Cafe O’Play: The Playdate for everyone.


Carolyn’s Music – Writing original music has been a passion of Carolyn’s ever since her American Baptist Pastor father started to ask her to write a song about an upcoming sermon.  Having a natural ear for music and being inspired by the likes of John Michael Talbot, Mark Heard, and Joni Mitchell, Carolyn has developed a songwriting style and performance presence that touches her audiences deeply.  Carolyn has released 5 independent recordings, along with her music partner Mike Choby, under the name “GreenChoby.”  She also performs solo and is available for writing special commissions songs which we call a “Gift of Song.”

John’s Homilies– As a Permanent Deacon in the Roman Catholic Church, John preaches at his Ohio parish monthly.  He is also frequently asked to preach at other parishes, sometimes in conjunction with an evening of reflection or music concert by Carolyn.  Recordings of John’s homilies can be found here.  There is also a list of John’s homilies, indexed by the Liturgical Calendar, at this Resource page.


Speaking- A gifted speaker, a talented singer/songwriter, twenty years of urban ministry experience, and the joy of raising 4 kids make this married couple an inspirational and motivational force to be recond with.  Visit their website for more information on bringing the Greens to your church, school, or group.

John’s book, Streetwalking With Jesus: Reaching Out in Justice and Mercy.  Written by John in 2009 and 2010, this book was published by Our Sunday Visitor in April of 2011.  Using stories from 20 years of street ministry and life and faith lived out in a gritty neighborhood of Chicago, Streetwalking is written to challenge, encourage, and motivate readers to live a more missional and engaging life of faith.

Causes we Support – Over the last few decades we have come across some amazing individuals and organizations making a difference in the life of the world and the church.  We want to focus on some of those here, as well as new ones we come across.  All of these are groups or individuals that we would encourage you to consider supporting and praying for.

Missional Opportunities– As we come across unique missional opportunities we will keep them posted here.  Some of these might be ongoing, such as serving with Faith Home or in the Emmaus Ministries Kaio Community.  Others might be a talk or upcoming weekend event.  No matter how long it is, the opportunities listed here are ones we feel can help us all live a life of physical, spiritual, and missional fitness.

For more info contact John Green at john@movingbodyandsoul.com or (330) 920-1108

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