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Fr. Robert Barron serves as Rector of St. Mary Seminary in Mundelein IL.  Before being appointed to that position though, he developed Word On Fire, a Catholic ministry for the purpose of engaging in the New Evangelization through use of social media.  One of the major projects to come out of WOF is the critically acclaimed “Catholicism” Series.  Fr. Barrons homilies and commentaries on culture and society are well worth a frequent visit to the Word on Fire website.


On June 15th, 2011, Ellyn von Huben, of Word on Fire,  interviews Deacon John Green, the author of Streetwalking with Jesus: Reaching Out in Justice and Mercy.

Deacon Green’s ministry reaches out to male prostitutes on the streets of Chicago, and he speaks to Ellyn about this life changing ministry here.

Prostitution does injury to the dignity of the person who engages in it, reducing the person to an instrument of sexual pleasure. (CCC 2355)  

Male prostitutes don’t make adorable poster children. Cute and deserving gets our attention. There is sentimental satisfaction in making up Easter baskets for the disadvantaged children at a neighboring parish. Or bringing food for our deserving ‘neighbors’ at a soup kitchen a safe distance from home.
The deserving poor; the cute, deserving and grateful poor. Where do men who sell themselves for the anonymous gratification others find charity – which is often bound by the limits of ‘prettiness’? Deacon John Green knows.   …
To read the rest of her review at the WORD ON FIRE blog click here.]


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